Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Dubstepmix

I made a new mix and here it is.
Have a listen and enjoy. Special thanks to Mezzdub for letting me borrow his CdPlayer. Finally got the chance to record a mix with 2 CdPlayers.


01. Roqqert - unknown (Unreleased).
02. Rob Sparx - Independent life (Promo).
03. Ruckspin, Planas & Quark - Son of thunder (Unreleased).
04. Rankin Records - Rankin Spankin (Unreleased).
05. Lwiz - Amy Diamond (Unreleased).
06. Coleco - Breathwork (Unreleased).
07. Search & Destroy - Scorpion kick (Unreleased).
08. Gatekeeper - Let Go (Punch Drunk).
09. Wrexile - Something Heavy Ft. Amy Kamala (Unreleased).
10. Fnordy - 16Shuffels (Unreleased).
11. Pangaea - Coiled (Hessle Audio).
12. Sodium Nightlife - Account (Unreleased).
13. TRG - horny (reso remix) (Subway).
14. Ruckspin & Quark - Lydia's theme (Unreleased).
15. Untold - Reminder (Unreleased).
16. X-Zero - Breath Remix (Unreleased).
17. Parson Ft. Kam - Symbiotic (Unreleased).
18. Hatcha - Just a Rift (Aphex:Recordings).
19. Demos - Shots From a Far (Unreleased).
20. Shakespear Ft. Zalika // ZDotProduction - Why Hate (Unreleased).
21. Cykologic - Down with it Remix (Icekid, Stratag, 12, Werewolf and Slix) (Hoodstars) (Unreleased)
22. Octa Push - Body Work Remix (Unreleased).
23. Nasty Jack - My name is nasty (White label).
24. Werewolf // Hoodstars - Iron Gates remix (Unreleased).
25. Marvell - Hands in the air Ft. Double S (Born to be Marvellous Vol. 1).
26. NoFear, Xray, IceKid and Nightmare - Control the Curves (Hoodstars) (Unreleased).
27. Marvell - My mind Ft. Double S & Vertex (Born to be Marvellous Vol. 1).

Download here

SUB FM - BunZer0 b2b Phonetics feat Mr Jo

New session online. Mr Jo back with us after his 2 months tour with Jupiter & Massive 5 in Senegal.

SUB FM - BunZer0 b2b Phonetics feat Mr Jo - 27 March 08

01. El Rakkas & Flogle : Hey Woman. (Unreleased).
02. Helixir : Narcotik Dub. (7even Rec Forthcoming).
03. Djunya : Dream Awake. (Unreleased).
04. Simon Off : Pretty Faces. (Unreleased).
05. Rakoon : Distant Vowels. (Unreleased).

06. Quark : Point Of Seeing. (Unreleased).
07. Skream : Monsoon – Loefah Remix. (Tempa).
08. Ruckspin, Quark & Planas : Son Of Thunder. (Unreleased).

09. Chromeo : Call Me Up - High Deaf RMX. (Unreleased).
10. FSTZ : Bumble Bee Deluxe. (Unreleased).
11. High Deaf : Good Music. (Unreleased).

12. Demos: Shots from a far (Unreleased).
12. Marvell: Hands in the air Ft. Double S. (Unreleased).
13. Cyko Logic: Down wid it remix Ft. IceKid, Stratag, 12, Werewolf and Slix - Hoodstars. (Unreleased).

14. Zomby : Spliff Dub – Starkey Remix. (Unreleased).
15. Crunc Tesla : Just A Dream - Tekton Naggar & Siege RMX. (Unreleased).
16. Stenchman : Loco Motion. (Unreleased).

17. X-Zero : Breath Remix. (Unreleased).
18. Untold : Reminder. (Unreleased).
19. Parson feat Kam. : Symbiotic. (Unreleased).

20. Helixir : Springz Wirez. (7even Rec Forthcoming).
21. Cotti : Memories – Mac Koall Remix. (Unreleased).
22. Tes La Rok : Love Song. (Unreleased).

23. Crooked One: Devils Brain. (Unreleased).
24. Pangaea : Coiled. (Hessle Audio).
25. L Wiz : Amy Diamond. (Unreleased).

26. Ans : Data Smog. (Unreleased).
27. Subeena : Minor. (Unreleased).
28. Trg : On Tour. (Unreleased).

29. HA!: Tribute to James Brown. (Infinite Recordings).
30. Search & Destroy : Scorpion Kick. (Unreleased).
31. Walrus : Redspot. (Unreleased).

32. Tapir : S7. (Subtrak Records Forthcoming).
33. Dz : Down. (True Tiger Forthcoming).
34. Secret Agent Gel : Emetro. (Unreleased).

35. Dot Rotten: Iron Gates Remix - Hoodstars. (Unreleased).
36. Plastician: Death By Stereo. (Rephlex).
37. Coleco: Breathwork. (Unreleased).

38. Fused Forces : Creation Dub. (Art Recordings Forthcoming).
39. Simon Off : Reba. (Unreleased).
40. El Rakkas : Mr Money Man. (Unreleased).

Download here

Thursday, March 27, 2008


March 27th FOB Show gonna be back on

6 GMT / 7 for Belgium

Will have 2 guests for tha FOB ting this week !
Phonetics gonna come and drop tunes b2b with myself and...
that's the great Mr Jo come back !!!!
The one and only harmonica player is back from his Africa tour !
He is alive and in one piece he told me

As usual u can expect a big dose of freshness from my unreleased tunes box !!!!
For other listening options :-
Join us in the Chatroom -
IRC - irc://


Saturday im spinning at the Paddestoel. Gonna do a 3h B2B with Walrus. This set will start off with 1h funk then some breakz and then we'll get to the Dubstep, Grime and Garage. If you're from the area then come down and show some support. If you come then dont forget to check Spacid, great dj who spins all sorts of quality beats. We spin from 23h till 2h in Room 2.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This video was posted by Julius (Laid-Back) on the 54forum, worth checking.

This is the Belgikolor website, a project by Laid-back. Really worth checking if you live in Brussels or Belgium and you like Graffiti.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Next 54Kolaktiv events

Number 1:


54kolaktiv & Schweinez presents DISSECTION
@ Frontline, 't Steegske (GHENT)

More info on 54Kolaktiv Virb

ROOM 1 - hosted by 54 KOLAKTIV
reggae / dubstep / gipsy / rave / uk-garage / uk-hardcore /...

PISSTANK (uk) - rave set -

ROOM 2 - hosted by SCHWEINIEZ
idm / jungle / junglecore / ravecore / breakcore / hardcore / ...

PISSTANK (uk) -live-

Opens at 21:00
Entrance: 5 euro


Number 2

Hosted by Marla J. & AmiraNo

Music by:


Mellow [Low-up and Juice]

---- Bailefunk, Breakz, ...

Shaman vs. Shed [Beat Dis and Shadowboxing]

---- Oldskool hiphop, Booty, Miami bass, ...

The Herbeez

---- Funk, Hiphop, Reggae, African music, 70s, 60s, 80s, 90s, ...

Phonetics b2b Ezzy [54kolaktiv and I&I Relations]

---- Grime, Breakz, BaileFunk, Crunk, Funk, Bhangra...

Momoneyhoney [54kolaktiv and Stainage]

---- Grime, Crunk, Hiphop, Bass...


@ MoMo's - Rue van Lint 47 - Anderlecht (Brussels)

Tram 56 - Conseil // Metro Clémenceau

Monday, March 17, 2008

Brussels - R*S*T* 4 - 21/03/08 - Les halles

More info here

Princess Superstar [nyc]
Red Snapper [Warp]
Coldcut journeys by vj
Daedelus [Ninja Tunes]
Benga [Tempa]
Mala [DMZ Crew]
Sgt. Pokes [DMZ Crew]
Alchemyst – Grimelock – Saviour [Stainage]
Momoneyhoney [54kolaktiv]


We doen er nog eentje! Reset komt terug voor een vierde editie. Het concept: een electroavond met een monumentale affiche. Op het programma: Princess Superstar, rechtstreeks uit New York City en een van de “hottest women in hip hop”; Coldcut, de hooligans van de dancefloor die 20 jaar eigenzinnige elektronische deconstructie vieren; Red Snapper, met een nieuwe elektronische plaat vol afrobeat, rockabilly en surf, belooft een oneindige trip met echte f**k; Daedelus, een extravagant genie dat flirt met elektronica in de ruimste zin van het woord. Dubstep ook met Benga (Tempa - UK), Mala (DMZ crew) et Sgt. Pokes (DMZ crew). Dat alles in les Halles tijdens de entenachtevening, wanneer dag en nacht even lang zijn…


On remet ça ! R*S*T* revient pour une quatrième édition. Le concept c’est une soirée électro avec une affiche monumentale. Au programme : Princess Superstar, arrivant tout droit de New York City et reconnue comme une des « hottest women in hip hop » ; Coldcut, les hooligans du dancefloor célébrant 20 années de déconstruction électronique décalée ; Red Snapper avec un nouveau disque instrumental rempli d'afrobeat, de rockabilly et de surf promettant une quête infinie de vrai f**k ; Daedelus, un génie extravagant qui flirte avec l'électronique dans le sens large du terme. Enfin, deux sets Dj bien suants en perspective avec (communiqué le 16/02)... Du Dubstep aussi avec les incontournables Benga (Tempa - UK), Mala (DMZ crew) et Sgt. Pokes (DMZ crew).
C’est aux Halles que ça se passe en cet équinoxe de printemps, moment de l’année où la nuit est aussi longue que le jour…

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Benga Interview

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Salt 'n' pepa-Twist and shout (Party tune!!)

New videos

Some grime/hiphop stuff:

Maxwell D Feat Brat Kid 2nice: I DON'T NEED THIS

Maxwell D & Brat Kid - Firin' Squad Unsigned Podcast #06

Durrty Goodz - Firin' Squad Unsigned Podcast #11:

Pyrelli - Firin' Squad Unsigned Podcast #14 (the beat isnt my thing but the flow is very nice):

Bashy - Firin' Squad Unsigned Podcast #13:

No Lay - Firin' Squad Unsigned Podcast #08:

NoLay - Unorthodox Daughter (Female mc)

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Just wanted to share this picture with you. No reason for this one.

BED-TIME selection by Walrus:

Very nice mix, selection, from Walrus. Something to stimulate the dreaming!

Download here
Walrus posted this selection on the 54kolaktiv forum.


°1° Autechre_Notwo // Quaristice 2008

°2° Sigur Rós_Untitled 1 // ( ) 2002

°3° Sonic Youth_Tremens // SYR 1: Anagrama 1997

°4° Walrus_Kilimanjaro // Unreleased 2007

°5° Can_Future Days // Future Days 1973

°6° Tortoise_A Simple Way To Go Faster Than Light That Does Not Work
// TNT 1998

°7° Gamila_Novembersong // Unreleased 2008

°8° Kraftwerk_Mitternacht // Autobahn 1973

°9° Erik Satie_Premiere ogive // Oeuvres Mystiques 1888

°10° Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds_Into My Arms // The Boatman's Call

Good night and sleep-tide ...
Tonight on Rinsefm:

Got this info from here:


Rinse fm - tune in here

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Thursday, March 06, 2008

A London something drum & bass/jungle documentary.

When seeing this documentary it reminds me alot of Dubstep nowadays.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

This saturday i went to DMZ @ the Mass (London, UK). To much to tell about it. So im not gonna start, the only thing i suggest is yoy get your ass down to there one time because its SOLID!

Dont wanna make you jealous but here is the Line-up:

The mass (big room):

Digital Mystikz vs Loefah
Skream vs Hatcha
Kode9 vs Plastician
Distance vs Goth-Trad
D1 vs Youngsta
Dave q vs Joe Nice
Pinch vs Cyrus
Quest vs LD

3rd Bass (not announced):

Shackleton vs Appleblim (Reggae/Ragga set)
Chef (Jungle set)
Plastician (Grime set)
Benny ill vs Oneman (Olskool garage set)
+ more

Monday, March 03, 2008


Its been busy, very busy and the next months arent gonna be less busy then these. Thats why you havent seen a lot of updates on my blog. Just have patience and ill return with some nice stuff. Its just 54Kolaktiv and school that is taking all my time, but there are some nice things coming up so be prepared! Check 54Kolaktiv for upcoming events.


Sunday, March 02, 2008

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