Saturday, December 29, 2007

NEW SESSION!! Bunzero b2b Me and mc Rebelbase form London (Double negative crew)

SUB FM BunZer0 b2b Phonetics feat. MC Rebelbase - 27 Dec 07

01. Scuba : Hard Boiled. (Hotflush Forthcoming).
02. Planas & Quarck : Sorry Rmx. (Unreleased).
03. Peverelist & Appleblim : Over Here. (Skull Disco Forthcoming).
04. Izc : Northsound. (Unreleased).
05. Mr Lager : Your Turn. (Unreleased).
06. Pole steingarten remixes : Winkelstreben Peverlist remix (Scape).
07. Ruckspin and Planas: Rankin Spankin (Unreleased).
08. Scuba : Outmost (Abucs).
09. Planas : Blind. (Unreleased).
10. D1 : Instep. (Tempa Forthcoming).
11. Paradigm X : Whatever. (Unreleased).
12. Goldfinger & Rakoon : Back & Forth (Forth coming Disfigured Dubz).
13. Goldfinger: Elektro (Unreleased).
14. Sukh Knight: Tricks Of Trade(Unreleased).
15. King Soly : Wicked King Of Percia. (Bass Face).
16. M2J : Return Of Davros. (Unreleased).
17. Mbp : Boom Boom Mbp Remix. (Unreleased).
18. Gatekeeper : Let Go. (Punch Drunk).
19. Walrus : Russian Dub (Unreleased).
20. Gravious : Winter sun (Hotflush).
21. Hektagon : Running Through. (Audiofreakz).
22. Untold : Kingdom. (Hessle Audio Forthcoming).
23. Vista : Fiyah. (Unreleased).
24. Sully : Give me up (Forthcomin 2nd drop).
25. Yurin Rostislav: Rather Blur (Unreleased).
26. T++: Allied (Allied Tensile).
27. BunZer0 : My Lova. (Unreleased).
28. BunZer0 : Chestnut. (Unreleased).
29. BunZer0 : My Lova - Soi Remix. (Unreleased).
30. Walrus : Lee. (Unreleased).
31. Boxcutter : Brood Vip. (Abucs).
32. Mathhead: Dreamtigers (Terminaldusk).
33. Vista : Exit Wound Vip. (Unreleased).
34. Slazenger : Eightball - Dutty Dubs Remix. (Unreleased).
35. Marlow : Bodycount. (Black Acre Forthcoming).
36. Grimelock : Little Eggs - Saviour Remix. (Unreleased).
37. Cluekid: Odyssey (Bullfrog beats).
38. Skillz: Angry Wizard (Adamantiun Music).
39. Quarta 330: Sunset dub (Hyperdub).

Download here!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Exit 54

If you need a good and cheap party this weekend then come and join us @ Exit 54.

You are probably all thinking: "Why outside Brussels?"...

1) Decent locations in Brussels are hard to find and very expensive.
2) This location is big.
3) Has never problems with neighbours.
4) Has very cheap beer.
5) Good sound
6) Its easy to acces

A mix of Dubstep, Jungle, Elektronics, Dub, Breakcore, Hardcore, DnB, Minimal, ...

More info here (how to get there, Full lineup, music previews, ....)


Saturday, December 22, 2007

FOB Soundsystem will be back on this thursday with me B2B Bunzero.
Ive got some fresh bits from Ranking recs, Jazzsteppa, Sukh Knight,....

6GMT / 7 for Belgium

Come and say hello in the chatroom

128k -
64k -
24k -

For other listening options :-

Chatroom -
IRC - irc://

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

JEFF MILLS: Purpose Maker Mix

Never heard of this untill last week. Its Jeff Mills doing a 3Deck mix during +/-20 minutes. You dont have to like Techno to go crazy on this Set, just watch the incredible dj-skillz of this DJ and you'll be Stunned. Crazy skills....

Rest of the movie:
Part 3 (Live act)
Part 4(Live act + DJ mix)
Part 5 (Live act + DJ mix)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Tomorrow there is a BIIIIIG show on Subfm. I got this from Gutterbreakz' blog

Its time for the HENCH show xmas spectacular!!

We've hijacked subfm for 4 hours on the 18th of December to have a big xmas house party. We are broadcasting the show live from 8 until midnight, showcasing the best of the Bristol dubstep massive.

Don't miss this absolutely massive lineup of Bristol talent.

Tuesday 18th December, 8pm - 12am


HENCH inc,







Tuesday 18th December, 8pm - 12am gmt

Make shure to tune in because this will be hot
This friday its party time again. Long time for me that ive been to AB so lookin forward a lot. Especially because the Soundsystem in AB is very decend.

Main Hall
22:00 DJ SVN
23:00 JERBOA
01:30 DJ MEHDI
03:00 ETIENNE DE CRECY live (Superdiscount)
04:00 PHILIPPE ZDAR (Cassius DJ-set)
06:00 curfew

22:00 BUN-ZER0
00:00 DJ PINCH
03:00 MALA (Digital Mystikz)
05:00 curfew

01:00 FLOW & FHEX
06:00 curfew

AB site
Wild style was crazy. Didnt know it was all acted. Enjoyed to movie from start till end. Here is a clip.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Next days you'll find me at Cafe dada (thursday) and Recyclart (saturday)

Monday, December 10, 2007

The second cd of Mc Beezy is out. Its free to download on his site. Worth checking, another dimension of grime.

Download here

Sunday, December 09, 2007

New grime vids

The Streets - Pranging Out Remix (Ft. Skepta, Wretch 32, Ghetto, Tinchy Stryder, Bossman Birdie, Devil Man and Frisco)

Asher D, Ghetto & Yasmin - Inside Out

JME - Serious Remix (real music vid.)

Mercston and Ghetto - Good Old Days

Slimting, Double O, Jammer, Gritz & Badness - It's Alot (new jammer tune, dont really like this one)

Dizzee Rascal - Flex

Ghetto - Top 3 Selected

Thursday, December 06, 2007

dubstep in 2007 by Martin Clark:

"Anthem bashing was endemic, with sections of the scene competing in harder-than-thou production contests with mid range noisy post-metal wobble, deemed necessary in large clubbing venues. The upshot of this was an abandonment of many of the aspects that gave the genre such promise, namely the ability to take rhythmic and energy-level risks and for audiences to remain appreciative. The balance and diversity in sets began to suffer under the "smash it" mentality, with deeper, riskier and emotional tracks often sidelined. Abandoning this risks reducing dubstep to just another faceless, functional dance genre, a fate it was opposed to from its inception. A few more years in this direction and dubstep will have led itself, eyes open, down the same cul de sac drum & bass did, rendering itself formulaic and irrelevant."

Read the rest here

Monday, December 03, 2007

Substance Release Party - Ramadanman

Substance Release Party - Ramadanman 2