Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Belgian Popcorn

Belgium, 1970. While most radio stations and discotheques are playing the pop and rock hits of the day, a new venue opens in the small village of Vrasene, near Sint-Niklaas. The place is called The Popcorn and the dj’s play obscure soul records which they slow down in order to create their own sound. A few years later, music lovers and dancers come from all over Belgium, France and The Netherlands to enjoy this unique music, which they refer to as ‘the Popcorn sound’ or ‘Popcorn Oldies’.

Fast forward forty years, and Popcorn is known all over the world. This short film tells the story of Popcorn through the eyes of dj’s Gerry and Gibbe, two of the founding fathers of the genre. They speak about the early days of the scene, about record digging in basements in the UK, and they return for a last time to The Popcorn, which closed in 2003. As the building is currently in the process of being demolished, this is the last footage ever shot of one of the most legendary discotheques in Belgium.

Directed and edited by Lander Lenaerts
Camera: Jakob Rosseel
Sound: Sam Sulmont
Subtitles: Jan Schraeyen

Belgian Popcorn from Laid Back on Vimeo.

74 Miles Away - Seven Four (live at Stubru)

74 Miles Away - Seven Four (live at Stubru) from Laid Back on Vimeo.