Monday, July 30, 2007

Check my youtube profile for vids if you're bored or just want to see some grime/hiphop/... vids
Got some links to the whole practice hours movie...
Phonetics Profile

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Saw this link on posted by Kastor...

EYES DOWN: A Dubstep thing
They are talking a lil' bit about the problem that dubstep begins
to get seperated in differend kinds of dubstep... Big problem if you ask me..
Dubstep docu link
1D6 1060-1190 Bx-tour 2006 (another BXL // Brussels // Bssl freestyle)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dj // Live sets from 10 Days Off

From the likes of:

monica electronica
booka shade
djuma soundsystem
martin solveig
fabio & grooverider
richie hawtin
false aka. audion
senses overload vs.boemtjak & soi
the glimmers
monika kruse
tommie sunshine

My Love (RUF Remix)

NOIZBOIZ - XL MERKIN ROUND 3 (Dutch gime... Not the best but nice to see somebody doing it in Dutch)

Wiley - Playtime is Over
Wiley doing interviews freestyles and a live perfromance.

Skepta - Sweet Mother (newest skepta tune)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Pictures from Shelternight:


Ezzy & Yurin

Me, Viktor Sagat & Rik-etik-dingdong

Me & Mezzdub

Friday, July 20, 2007

New small dubstep Documentary - IT'S NOT JUST BASS
Dubstep Documentary

Dancehall live from jamrock 70's

This will probably sound not good at all. But if your from BXL you'll find it amusing...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

DOUR... a small report


Cinetmatic Orchestra was the best gig i saw
Autechre was fuckin great
Luke Vibert did a great job mixing all styles together
Wu-tang had some great beats but they really still dont know how to bring a show if you ask me
Kid 606, sickboy and rotator where good but the sound wasnt
Rjd2 was a bit of a disappointment, was expecting a solid dj set but didnt see one...
Grimelock did a great job spinning various 140bpm styles together
Skream his mixing skills approved alot, really enjoyed his set as far as i can remember
Wiley was nice to see
Loved Joe Nice his set, 5 pressure all the way
Venetian snares was great
Opgezwolle was too crowded
Nicole willis and the soul investigators was the best together with cinematic
Kentaro was nice, but he shouldnt have mixed the dnb...
Lefto surprised me alot, espacially the dnb he mixed, not good but surprising...
Amon Tobin was less good then 2 years back, but again he made me party like a fool
Dj shadow.... what happened to this guy? I partied when he was performing but still... This wasnt Shadow for me...
New-York Ska-Jazz Ensemble made me shake my ass off
Loved Clark his thing
Didnt see alot of 65daysofstatic, but enjoyed what i saw

The rest:

The festival was crowded but in my opinion still ok
Had a nice dive in the lake. Fresh, cold and probably dirty water on a 30 degrees hot day
Beautiful girls
Sweaty people
Bad sound in the Club Circuit Tent
No afterparty... a pitty but probably a good thing

Thats all i can say for know.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Monday, July 09, 2007


Found this site thru Laid-back. Great photography. You'll recognise the madvillian album cover-photo. B+, type of the wheel is a serie of vinyl collectors in the picture...

Last week Amsterdam had the 5 days off with a crazy dubstep/grime lineup. Here are the live sets of dizzee, bizzle, kromestar.....

Live sets

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Lethal Bizzle.....

Voodoo Sound - Crunc Tesla feat. Daddy Foxxxy & Vigalante

Oris Jay Live @ Sonar

Mary Anne Hobbs @ Sonar 2007


Came To Win Music Promo
Artists: Trix & Infamous

Friday, July 06, 2007

See you all tonight at klinkende munt.


Monday, July 02, 2007

finished... had a great time, heavy party. Loved rostislav his live set, went deep on walrus his basslines and partied my ass off on ezzy's set. Ezzy's mixing skills get better every time..

Not many updates lately, but thats because of the many good partys nowadays.

Went to Tavernier on thursday: Nice vibe, great music (as always), the bass response wasnt that big but beside of that i really enjoyed the selection and live musicians.

Friday was just another wasted night in the life of Phonetics that i'm not willing to talk about alot. Just gonna say i went to "Openluchtfuif" in Bodegem (people who know this, know what i'm talking about)... Jumpstyle changed my life...

On saturday i went to the Fuse for the first time (went to a dnb night in the Fuse back in the days,but i just mean a REAL techno, minimal fuse night). I went for the Lesizmore label-night, Lezismore is a minimal-dub-tech label from Argentinia. I was expecting some fresh music but got dissapointed a bit. Had a great time though.

Yesterday, sunday, was the last day of Couleur Cafe. Saw Sean Paul, Sucked all the way... He really doesnt know how to bring a live show. The roots are really good live, but ive got to say that they didnt surprise me to much. Same show as 3 years back. Enjoyed them anyway. To finish couler cafe i saw dj Mehdi... Not a very good mixer, neither a very good selector but had a great time though...

Some nice vids i saw on youtube lately:

Im biggining to get fascinated by this new dance culture within HipHop. Gotta see Rise by David Lachapelle some day..

This one is just too funny... Look at them crazy fools dancing....

My alltime favourite song from the album "It was written". "It was written" by Nas meant so much to me... Still listening it after 11 years.