Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Again 3 months of thursday madness @ le tavernier

05/04 DJ Mellow & Hervé (talking drum)
12/04 Bun-ZerØ & Grimelock
19/04 Red Ant & Kyulo (B-Breakz)
26/04 Protesta & Mr Jo

03/05 Dj Mellow & Snooba (
10/05 Red Ant & Mr Jo
17/05 Protesta & DJ Reedoo (United Musik)
24/05 Bun-Zerø & 1Poss Mc
31/05 DJ Mellow & 319 (B-breakz)

07/06 Bun-Zerø & Mr Jo
14/06 DJ Mellow & 1Poss MC
21/06 Red Ant & Protesta
28/06 FWF Full crew >> End of season special


Saturday, March 17, 2007


This text is taken from

To everyone interested in Barefiles and the Rinse FM mixes, I think it's best to inform everyone whats been going on for the last few months.

Basically, whilst working for Rinse FM they wanted to buy Barefiles from me and incorporate it into the Ammunition empire. Of course I kindly declined as Ive worked very hard to keep that website going and refuse to lose it, especially to someone who I feel is trying to monopolise a genre of music. So, they then proposed that I start to record all "big" Rinse FM shows from the studio and host them on their own website.

A couple of months ago I recieved a phone call from Geeneus, telling me, out of the blue that Im no longer allowed to record ANY Rinse FM mixes, nor allowed to host any other mixes from any of the Rinse FM DJ's, e.g. the Dubstep Forum Anniversary Mix by N-Type. Later on I got an email from Sarah stipulating all these terms for the future relationship of Barefiles & Rinse FM.

Here is part of the email that I recieved:

The only site/host/place that ANY Rinse sets or sets from Rinse FM
artists; including pre-records, recordings of the stream, live
events , performances, interviews (and any other) across all formats
will ONLY be available from an official Rinse site from now on (i.e. and for the avoidance of doubt this means not on Barefiles)

We have been working towards setting this up for months now and we
will be making sure that any re-hosting of our content gets stopped
ASAP. We have the governing copyright protection agencies to help us
control this (as we have the relevant licenses set up already)

There is no way we will be changing our mind about this and need you
to be clearly informed.

As you can imagine I was gutted as I felt that one and a half years of my free labour and my life had gone down the drain. After an incredible amount of people supporting and encouraging me to get the website back up, including all the Rinse FM DJ's that I spoke to, Barefiles will be returning in a couple of weeks with quite a lot of positive differences. Sorry, but you're gonna have to hold tight to see what those differences are!

As a result of this situation I am no longer being associated with Rinse FM, neither as a DJ nor as a member of the "team".

I just wanna big up all the DJ's/producers/MC's I've contacted as they have all been proper safe about everything.



For more info check this Dubstepforum topic

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Doing a set from 22.30 till 24.30
If you live in the region, come and say hi.


And 23/03 Petrol, Loefah, Kastor, Die, Murdock at Petrol club, Antwerp

Its getting hyped....

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Stainage 3 - Mixes from stainage now online
Brings back the memories of this crazy night

Slimzee and Geeneus

Hatcha and Mc Crazy D
Hope to see you all @ the planet mu night. Its going to be fresh...



22.30-23.30 alchemyst
23.30-00.30 boxcutter
00.30-02.00 distance
02.00-03.30 LUKE VIBERT
03.30-05.00 VEX'D

Biouel boot
1000 Brussel

planet-mu night


Monday, March 05, 2007

Pictures from Tavernier last Thursday...
Thanks to FWF for inviting me, had a great time with oneposs and mr jo...

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Because of the busy periodes there are not that many updates.
Gonna do my best to update some stuff.