Monday, May 28, 2007

Phonetics on FOB show

I'm very happy to be invited on the FOB show this thursday, 31 may.
For those who dont know, this is Bunzero's show on every thursday.
Make shure i see you in the chat room!!

FOB Show is every thursday
6 GMT / 19h for Belgium

-----------------> Had a great time on this one. Thx to all for tuning in.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Friday, May 25, 2007

Blast Kid "Absoulute vol.4"

Really diggin this mix lately. "It's a fifty minute long mix of sixties and seventies gospel and vintage soul, with rare and common tracks by Quincy Jones, L.C. Cooke, The Violinaires, The J.C. White Singers, The Ray Patterson Singers, The Voices of East Harlem, The Marcels and so on". Blaskid is a Soul/Funk/Jazz collector and dj -Myspace

He plays Funk, Soul, Latin, ... at Café Apero (Oude Markt 52, Leuven)
Every Tuesday 10pm together with Teddy Tendertouch.

Right click to Download

Found the mix on the Laid-Back site. Check it once in a while. A lot of new mixes every month going from hiphop to funk to gospel to soul to dubstep...

Week after and im still not bored of this mix. The music just keeps on movin my ass.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

You still think dubstep comes from reggae, hiphop or drumandbass? Then its time for a good history lesson. Here you have an interview with Benga, plastician and chef....Plastician aged 20, Chef aged 18 and Benga aged 17. "Alright this is Benga, I'm showing people how to make a tune on Music 2000 for the PlayStation..." Take a look on the dot alt blogspot and download the show... You have to know your background before jumpin in the boat.


And check this long interview with Joe Nice posted on by Eskimon. Joe Nice talks about the history of dubstep and gives his interpretation on dubstep. "If i say the cat ran on the street then you'll understand what i say but if i say thecatranonthestreet you will not understand me. Thats the same with music, you need space in music, you need to have room to breath and thats what dubstep gives us..." This guy is so passionate about dubstep and other music in general that you really need to listen to this interview.


Joe Nice @ Dour festival
>Dourfestival site

Monday, May 21, 2007

Sub Stance compilation

The Sub Stance compilation is open for Pre-order. So support the Belgium dubstep scene and some of the upcoming talent from Germany, Uk, Romania, Denmark, USA and Belgium by buying this compilation. First Pressing will only be 1000 items 6-fold digipack batch, designed by JacklaMotta (FWF crew , ITA), so get it while it's hot!

Pre order

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Vk presents :

26 May 07



live at BIOUEL BOOT/BATEAU, Av. du Port / Havenlaan, 1080 Brussel

And its Jazz Marathon:

Make shure to check The Peas Project on Friday around 21,30u @ Grand Place // Gote Markt
There is a lot of good music in those three days.... Check there site for information.

Jazz Marathon site

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A short UK hip hop and grime documentary shot over a period of three weeks in june and july of 2005 featuring Skinnyman, Crazy Titch, J2K, Roll Deep, Jammer aka Murkle Man, Ears, Poisonous Poets, Foreign Beggars, Focused Few, Donae'o, Braintax, Rodney P, Jon E Cash & Black Ops, Genesis & Dubble Edge, Mos Blood, and DJ Switch. A Sean Mattison and Selva Films production, co-produced by Another Way of Mos Blood.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

You want to invest your money in something good? Check this...

Aeclectrick Records presents :

The SUB STANCE compilation

AECD003 - V/A compilation- SUB STANCE - June 07 - 1000x 6-fold CD

Aeclectrick Records and BunZer0 are really glad and proud to present SUB STANCE; a dubstep cd compilation reppin the international sounds !

Its purpose is to deliver a snapshot of the Dubstep scene as it lives today across the UK, Europe and the US.
Expect tracks from Romania, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Texas, Frisco, UK,…

You could hear some of the tunes being played in BunZer0's 'FOB show' on thanx to the trust producers have in the BunZee selecta.
The idea to make this compilation was born almost a year ago and is bound to hit the shops somewhere around 11th june, thanks to the almighty St Holdings for UK, Ad Noiseam for Germany and CODS in Belgium (more distributors to be addeed by the minute!).

Here is the result of Aeclectrick and Bun's work :
1. RAMADANMAN - Hungarian Skank
2. MARLOW - Tremor
3. DJUNYA - Rooted
4. EKAJ - Moments
5. GRAND DANOIS - Yell Of The Spirit
7. SLAZENGER - Eightball
9. PARSON - Intrepid Trepanation
11. TRG - Diplomats
12. DUTTY DUBZ - Gameboy Love
13. METALBOX - Zombie part 2

Format: Audio CD - 13 tracks
Mastered by: Transition Studios, London
Label: Aeclectrick Records, Brussels (B)
Release Date: June 11th
Artwork by : Jacklamotta (ita)

Aeclectrick's gonna team up with the FWF Crew in order to organize a release party here in Brussels.
Should be around september 07 or something…
More details about the party coming soon on

For more info about us please check

Special thanks to Aeclectrick and Bunzero for realising this.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Very nice interview with skream and some very nice quality footage of his gig in the AB.

You've got to check it.

Skream interview

Friday, May 11, 2007

Its dubbed in german... But gives a nice atmosphere of the scene
Check it out..

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

And again a little update on dour festival...

JOE NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And many more..........

Dour festival

Big things

Monday, May 07, 2007

New mix from myself. Finally got myself a cdplayer, so i did a mix to celebrate this. Some new, some old (-er) and some exlusive tunes, specially for you.

*Loetech - robotix
*JuJu- Punk
*Kazuo - 27°c
*Mrk 1 - Doomed
*Kazuo - Violent Swirly Cutie
*Plastician - Unhappy shopper
*Misk - Night out
*Sounproof Productions - No man's land
*Rumble & Goldfinger - Asian Trip
*Cyrus - Prophecy
*Signal - Chuyen
*Mrk 1 - Rage
*Grim feast - Dionusia
*Benny ill vs. Dj Denish - New York
*Benga - Skank
*Scuba - Timba
*Wolfman - Full moon murders
*the fatback band - you've got a friend

Download link


You really got to check this blog if you are into funk. It has a new mix every several weeks. Lots of information on the 7" and background information on the artists. So if you like funk, soul or blues then go to this blog and download yourself some nice mixes. Enjoy, phonetics.
funky16corners Blog
funky16corners on Stonesthrow

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Pinch mix on Mary Anne Hobbs' Experimental 04/13

Pinch - Trauma (Dubplate)
Digital Mystikz - Creeper (Dubplate)
Peverelist - The Grind (Punch Drunk)
Headhunter - Quantum (Dubplate)
Atki2 - Architect (Dubplate)
Appleblim - Vansan (Skull Disko)
2562 - Channel Two (Dubplate, forthcoming on Tectonic)
2nd II None - Waterfall (Dubplate)
Marc Ashken - Roots Dyed Dark (Skream Remix) (forthcoming on Leftroom)
Cyrus (Random Trio) - Dark Future (Dubplate, forthcoming on Tectonic)
Pinch - Battered (Dubplate)
Henry & Louis meets Blue & Red, featuring Tony Tuff - Answer (Pinch Remix) (forthcoming on 2 Kings)
Pinch - 134 Trek (Dubplate)

This mix has been very inspiring for me. Minimal techno within a dubstep style. Watch out for random trio (Tectonic, label of Pinch himself) coming to 'This is dubstep", its gonna be hot. Skream and benga are also working on a techno project for tempa according to Mary Anne Hobbs. I'm really digging this crossover with minimal techno and dubstep, takes you on a higher meditation level.

Pinch's set
Fury - Beginning Of The End

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

@ KULTUURKAFEE (VUB) pleinlaan 2 brussel / 4 / 5

I&i Vibes [dub,roots]
Respect Massive [roots, New Roots]
Lowdjo [music Of The Univers]
Black Out [live Experimental Dub, Reggae, Ska]
Diathroda [jungle]
Harry Poppins [live Experimental,dnb,breaks,core]
Wan Bushi [live Dnb, Breaks]
Sicktronick [live Breakcore]
Bambambam! [live Breakcore]

@ SILO vaartkom 29a leuven / 11/15

-main Room-

Dj Godfather [us - Databass – Twilight76]
Detroit Grand Pubahs [us – Live @ 23h!!! - Jive Electro – Pokerflat – Detelefunk]
Dj Overdose [nl – Murder Capital –bunker Rec - Novamen – Get It Boys]
Nessbeth [de - 4 Player Rec - Spanking Records]
Kronic [resident - Spanking Records -]
Chao Xin [resident- Spanking Records - Swfd]
Zymotic [resident - Spanking Records - Migraen]
Fatty K [belgian Beatbox Champ]
Vibe [booty Dancesquad]

-dirty South Room-

Akro [starflam]
Dj Dysfunkshunal [killa Tactics - Itf & Dmc Champ]
Dj Proceed [resident - Joshua]

Vk presents :

26 May 07



live at BIOUEL BOOT/BATEAU, Av. du Port / Havenlaan, 1080 Brussel

10 DAYS OFF 2007
Gent, Vooruit
13-23 july

Makossa & Megablast
---> For the people who dont know these, they are amazing.... info here