Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Belgium dubstep radio, reload radio
check for timetable and djs



Saturday, September 23, 2006

STAINAGE - oct 7th, Brussels - plan b

i saw this one on boups today.

STAINAGE - oct 7th, Brussels
Line Up

Plastician(formerly Plasticman) - BBC1 - Rephlex - UK
D1 - Tempa - UK
Grimelock- BE
Alchemyst - BE
The Saviour - BE

The Plastician

Plastician started DJing with UK Garage aged 16, has since played on London pirate stations 2G FM and Delight FM and on Rinse Fm in 2004 .
He taught himself production aged 18. His track 'Venom' was his first release on the Slimzos label in early 2002.
Releases followed on labels such as Contagious, Road and Soulja in the same year, with tunes "Hard Graft" and "Pump Up The Jam" making no. 1 on the 1Xtra Garage chart.
Aged 20, he started label Terrorhythm Recordings and established his name as key producer on the grime scene.
In 2004, he toured the USA with Aphex Twin's Rephlex label and featured on Rephlex's 'Grime' album.
Currently DJs at clubs including FWD in London, toured all over Europe, as well as Japan and USA. Plastician recently remixed M.I.A's URAQT track for XL


Meet 18-year-old west London dubstep hot new producer D1. Born and raised around music, his dad made jungle, techno and recorded with the late underground mic legend Stevie Hyper D, he discovered garage at 13 and a couple of years later, he got into what would become dubstep thanks to DJ Youngsta.
The sound D1 is currently incubating, with it's relentless sub bass, trippy melodies and phased post-Bladerunner textures, is distinctive and unmistakable. And the biggest DJs in dubstep - Youngsta, Kode 9, Mala Digital Mystikz, and Distance - are all right behind it.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

first mix of many to come

This is the first of many mixes to come.
Sorry for the sound quality but i didnt have much time to record.

"breakz" to dubstep

1.Ardisson-hardware handshake
2.white label
3.stereotyp-boi da cara breta
4.razor x production-problem version
5.dmz-anti war dub
8.skream-morning blues
9.pinch-punisher vip mondie-shower
11.sunship Ft. Warrior queen-almighty father
12.jon e cash-fair ground

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sunday, September 10, 2006

BUN-ZERO back2back WALSH.
N-TYPE on the mic.
live on subfm
some pictures of last night, substance.

1poss mc/n-type/walsh/bun-zero

Saturday, September 02, 2006

dubstep documentary: "UK MTV ABOUT TO BLOW"