Sunday, April 26, 2009

Free docu on Dubstep

Hi there,

I made the film Living Inside the Speaker (The Bristol Dubstep Scene) with my mate mark a couple of years ago, I have now decided to put a divx version up for download for free at Hope you enjoy it. If you get a no download link delete the address so it looks exactly like or watch online at‏

Living Inside the Speaker (The Bristol Dubstep Scene)

Dubstep is the newest musical genre to come out of the UK and is quietly gaining popularity all other the UK with its heavy, heavy bass lines and spaced out sound. The scene is particularly strong in London, but Bristol is often classed as Dubstep’s second city. This film goes into the underbelly of the Dubstep scene in Bristol and uncovers through interviews with DJ’s, promoters and punters a vibrant and growing scene. The film explains the Dubstep sound and how the Bristol scene started, highlights how producers make Dubstep tunes and plays live Dubstep sets and describes why the sound system is so important to the genre. If you are into underground music and subcultures then you cannot afford to miss this film.

The film features DJ Pinch, Peverelist, Bubonic, Atik2, Hench Crew, Kymatik, Kidkut, Blazey, Stealth, Dub Boy, Wedge, White Boi, Gutterbreaks, Elemental, Search & Destroy, Skream, Chef and the Bristol Dubstep Massive. (including many hijackers)

Also the video for pinch qwalli is on there.

Hope you like it,

Mike and Mark

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Bamboos

James Brown gives you dancing lessons

Lefties Soul Connection - Planet Rock

Cookin' On 3 Burners - Cressy St Breakdown (Live @ JB HIFI)

Leela James - Soul Food (Live)

Leela James - My Joy (Live)

Monday, April 13, 2009

SUB FM - BunZer0 b2b Phonetics - 09 04 09

01. Not In My Name : Glass. (Forthcoming UK Trends).
02. Lostlojic Bisweed Will Be.
03. Data : Leaves. (Unreleased).

04. 3RDEYE : Aqua. (Unreleased).
05. G-Double : Tears Are Gonner Fall. (Unreleased).
06. Planas : Seventeen Rmx. (Unreleased).

07. Luthor : From The Edge. (Unreleased).
08. Simon Off : Let It Go. (Unreleased).
09. Aems : Salmonella Dub Remix. (Unreleased).

10. Low Life All Pop : JSL Rmx. (Unreleased).
11. Kromestar: Vintage. (Southside Dubstars).
12. M2J : Sub-conscious. (Unreleased).

13. Jsl : Raw Love 2009. (Unreleased).
14. L-Wiz : First Step. (Redvolume).
15. Phokus, Mr, Boogie, TKR : Big Up. (Forthcoming Scrub).

16. 2000F & J Kamata : You Don't Know What Love Is. (Hyperdub).
17. Matty G Ft. Ugene : Cold Break III. (Argon Recs).
18. White Label : Dreamin. (White Label).

18. Turboweekend : Something or Nothing- 2000F & JKamata Rmx VIP. (Unreleased).
19. Joker : Psychedelic Runaway. (Kapsize).
20. Dread Foxx : No Coke. (Forthcoming Eye Ten).

21. Magnetic Man : Eclipse. (Tempa).
21. Buraka Sound Systema : Sound Of Kuduro. (Enchufada).
22. F-One : Purple Sky. (Dubstar).

23. Planas : Rush - Golf Glove Rerub. (Unreleased).
24. FullSpektrum : Step 2 The Millenium. (Unreleased).
25. Simon Off feat. Mai : Ma Vie Rêvée. (Unreleased).

26. Nasty Jack : My Name Is. (White Label).
27. Mala : Lean Forward. (Dmz).
28. Plastician Ft. Shizzle, Fresh & Nappa : Cha Vocal. (Planet Mu).

29. Helixir : Houzekat. (Unreleased).
30. Headhunter : Why U Got ? (Unreleased).
31. Saviour : Tabula raza. (Stainage Dub).

32. G-Double : Fade Away. (Unreleased).
33. Kromestar : Devil. (Dubsteppers Recs).
34. White Label : White Label. (White Label).

35. Brackles : Lizards. (Forthcoming Applepips).
36. Untold : I Can’t Stop This Feeling. (Forthcoming Hessle Audio).
37. BunZer0 : Introspection. (Unreleased).

38. T2 Ft. Jodie Aysha : Heartbroken. (All Around The World).
39. 2nd II None : Fuse. (Road).
40. Dj Luke & Mc Neat : Little Bit Of Luck. (Red Rose Recs).

41. Mungos Hi Fi : Haffi Rock. (Forthcoming Scrub).
42. Jsl : 4 Leaf Tayback. (Unreleased).
43. Quantum Soul : Bun Fyre.

Download here
Otis Redding live @ Monterey




Friday, April 10, 2009

Jitting is a style of dance that originated in Detroit, MI over 75 years ago. This style consists of rapid foot movement and also has a genre of music (ghettotech) associated with it.