Monday, October 29, 2007

Britney goes Wobblin!!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

This wednesday is gonna be a busy night.

First we have me spinning at the Beursschouwburg. Im gonna spin some funk, soul, rocksteady, african music.... Probably from 00h till 02h. And after that i'll be going to Neerpede to continue the party, we give a 54 kolaktiv party so we hope to see you there to.

More info

The line-up of the 54 Label night will be:

22.00h - 23.30h Blazin youth (Reggae)
23.30h - 00.30h Walrus (Minimal, dubstep)
00.30h - 01.30h Viktor en yurin (Elektronics, Amen breaks, ...)
01.30h - 02.30h Ezzy (Dubstep, Breakz, Dirty south,...)
02.30h - 04.00h Azaryx (DnB, breakcore, IDM,...)
04.00h - ... Pancher b2b Ezzy an me joining the team after arriving from the BsB (Breakcore, Hardcore, Frenchcore, and some surprises)

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Next wednesday we are proud to present:

This saturday im spinning at Clash of the Cultures from 05h till 06h

And if you are really not willing to go to Ghent then you should go see Joker (Earwax // UK)

Bunzero b2b Phonetics Ft. MrJo (Full tracklist)

SUB FM - BunZer0 b2b Phonetics feat. Mr Jo - 18 Oct 07

01. Izc : Waterbug. (Unreleased).
02. Rob Sparx : Independent Life – Dubmix (Its A Dubting Forthcoming).
03. Innerlign : Aquadub. (Unreleased).
04. Boxcutter : Endothermic. (Hotflush Forthcoming).
05. Fo Fo : The Soulcatcher. (Unreleased).
06. Rumble : Love or Hate. (Unreleased).
07. Blackmass Plastics : Tek Tek Remix. (Unreleased).
08. Evergreen & Landlord : Jah Rain feat. Dan Man. (Unreleased).
09. Blackmass Plastics : rockhead skank. (Unreleased).
10. 12th Planet : Cultivater ft Lobsta. (Unreleased).
11. Ultrablack : Limb by Limb VIP. (Unreleased).
12. Stenchman : Powerful Magical (Heavy Load Forthcoming).
13. Nekkroteukh : Crooked (Unreleased).
14. L-Wiz : Girl From Codeine City. (Dubpolice).
15. Nekkroteukh : Tubby Tribute. (Unreleased).
16. 12th Planet : Shadow Self. (Unreleased).
17. Benga & Coki : Night. (Tempa Forthcoming).
18. Stenchman : Signs. (Heavy Load Forthcoming).
19. Blitzz & Bassweight: Warning. (Unreleased).
20. Blackmass Plastics : Anti pig dub. (Unreleased).
21. Hey-o-Hansen: Fly Home (DJ Maxximus Mix) (Hey Rec).
21. Trg : Killed It Dead – Emalkay Remix. (Audiofreaks Forthcoming).
22. Headhunter : Sushi Brain. (Tempa Forthcomming).
23. Pacheko : Bipolar Bear. (Unreleased).
24. L-man: L-dot man (Sweet Beetz).
25. Teeth: Vershajataitto (Unreleased).
25. Skillz: Angry Wizard (Adamantium).
26. Toasty : The Knoweledge – Vex’d Dub Mix. (Hotflush Forthcoming).
27. Audit : Anyone Day. (Unreleased).
28. 12th Planet : 28 Hours Later. (Unreleased).
29. BassmentJaxx-RomeoRemix-MARCHMELLOW (unreleased)
30. Orien: Mexican wave. (Art recordings).
31. Blackmass Plastics : severe trauma. (Unreleased).
31. Ekaj : Delirium Tremens. (Unreleased).
32. Grimelock : Little Eggs – Saviour Remix. (Unreleased).
33. Roommate & Slp : Foundation. (Unreleased).
34. Dopaminex: Daft punk technologicdubstep rewrite. (Unreleased).
35. Surgeon : Bad hands break // Roly vex'd remix. (Dynamic tension records).
36. Herrmutt Lobby: Achi Carpenter. (UNREzT).
37. Benga : Emotions. (Tempa Forthcoming).
38. Peverelist : Roll With The Punches. (Punch Drunk Forthcoming).
39. Planet Patrol: Cheap Thrills. (Tommy Boy).
40. Musique : Keep On Jumpin. (Harmless).

Download here

Sunday, October 14, 2007

THURSDAY im mixing on SUBFM b2b with Bunzero. So make shure you are tuned in because ive got loads of dubs flowing around!!!!!! Come and say hi in the chatroom of subfm.

Phonetics b2b Bunzero Ft. Mr Jo!!!!!!!!!!!

FOB Show is on thursday the 18th of oct 07

6GMT / 7 for Belgium

on the almighty !!!!

128k -
64k -
24k -

Chatroom -

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Some vids:

hey-o-hansen heyrec information video

heyohansen heyrec berlin afro alpine dubstep band information and live show

Tinchy Stryder - Mainstream Money

High Rise - Devlin (This guy is 17 years old)

Lethal bizzle-Police On My Back // Grindie (= Grime + indie) release

Fret Deezy & Weaz "Funked Out Bass" (Not really my thing but funny)

Wordsmith - SUN GOD - UK hip-hop

Monday, October 08, 2007

Yurin will start off with a live ableton set, all homeproductions...
Then Tunda & MrFart will take over the place with a Elektro, DnB, Dubstep, Techno,... mash-up.
After them Grimelock will serve us some Grime, 4*4 and Dubstep.
I'll be playing after grimelock, probably a mix of Dubstep, Grime, 4*4, Favela, Bass-tunes, Booty, Jungle, ....
Then Ezzy and DePancher will do a Jungle b2b. After that Ezzy, Depancher, Yurin and me will do a Breakcore, hardcore, balkan, ... b2b with eachother. Make shure you come to this party, entrance is free, beers are 1 euro.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Made this mix some months ago. Just pure dirty nineties house. If you remember this one and you like it, then you will maybe enjoy this mix. But before you listen to this mix you need to know that im not stopping dubstep to mix this stuff, just had to do a mix like this ;-)

Beware because this one is over the top!

This are the first of many pictures Gerardfranz and Pinckers took on friday. The rest will follow in the next few days! You can find them here.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Chantal did an interview with me and i did a mix for her. She posted all that on her blog so check it out!!

Dubbedup blog

U can find my mix on her blog....

1 //////// Misk - Gebel (dub)
2 //////// Henry & Louis - Answer (Pinch remix)
3 //////// Dutty Dubz - Asian trip (Genetik.Krew remix) (dub)
4 //////// Herrmutt lobby - Achi Carpender
5 //////// Downliners Sekt - Benz (dub)
6 //////// Gravious - Fall
7 //////// Grimelock - Glow (dub)
8 //////// Scuba - Braille diving
9 //////// Telepopmusik - Smile (Kojak Remix) (dub)
10 ////// Digital Mystikz - I wait
11 ////// Ka vs. Enei - Opium (dub)
12 ////// Scuba - Respirator
12 ////// Toxin - Speakeasy (dub)
13 ////// Benga - Unkown (dubstars 009)
14 ////// Parson ft. Smoke - Babylon compressed (dub)
15 ////// Shed - Marque (Made up remix)

Monday, October 01, 2007

Appleblim & Shackleton

1) 5th of October


Appleblim (Skull Disco / FWD>> - UK)
Grimelock (Stainage / B)
BunZer0 feat Mr Jo (Sub Fm / Sub Stance - B)

236 RUE ROYALE, Bruxelles, 1000.
FREE Entrance !

2) 6th of October


Shackleton Live ! (Skull Disco / UK)
BunZer0 (Sub Fm / Sub Stance - B).
Nadir (B)

50 Quai des Péniches 1000 Bruxelles.
4 euros

Dubstepforum topic

We gonna do a lil' warming up at Place Sint-Catherine//Sint-Katelijne plein. So dont be scared to come and say hello....