Wednesday, January 31, 2007

This group is called balkan beat box. I really dig their stuff. Not gime or dubstep but balkan beat.


Monday, January 22, 2007

An amazing video from a legend who once lived in Belgium...

9-minute excerpt from the 1976 concert in Amsterdam. Rest of the concert also on youtube.


Monday ,22nd January 2007

You heard it hear first – the Godfather of grime has quit MCing. Ringing us direct at 11.58 this morning, Will told us that he has officially put down the mic as of today, January 22, meaning Playtime Is Over (out April) will officially be his last ever album. Sounding tired and pretty down, Wiley asked that we let the RWD readers know first. Citing the scene, his daughter, health, age and apathy as factors in his decision, here’s what he had to say. You can read the conversation in full in the next issue of RWD:

So, what’s up Wiley?
“I’m retiring. I’m serious. I’m tired, really tired. I just want to be normal. I’m 28 and I’m tired. I’ve felt like it for ages but today I woke up and realised I can’t carry on because I’ve got responsibilities that are way beyond the grime scene. I do the grime scene because I’m the godfather and all that bulls*it, but really, in this scene, when you’re at the top, people just want to drag you down and obviously I’d rather walk away than be dragged down. I’d rather walk away than be stabbed or killed. I’d rather be at home playing with my daughter, rather than be in a club wondering if that person is gonna rush me or that one wants to shoot me.

Are you getting threats at the moment?
I’m getting threats now, but it’s never stopped in 10 years. It’s never stopped, ever, ever, ever. I can play you one today ‘I’m coming to you rare-rare-rare.’ It’s never stopped. Cos I’m one of them I don’t care, but today I do care. I’m 28. I want a future. I stayed in grime to see if there's a future, but I can’t see one. Well, I can see one, but not with me. Someone else has to light the torch.What grime music does is make you break your neck. You work in grime and all you do is grime, grime, grime. You won’t even see your mum and dad. It’s a lot. So I retire. Today. 22nd of January I retire. My last album will come out and all the mix CD’s that I’ve done already, but that’s it. I don’t want to do it anymore. There’s other people batting anyway; Skepta, Trim, JME and everyone.

A lot of people still feel you’re the best though.
I know, I know but the truth is Hattie, I can’t continue. I feel sad.

So what about Playtime Is Over? That’s due out in April on Big Dada, right?
Yeah, that’s done. I will do shows, like a one-off Wiley show, that will be Treading On Thin Ice, Second Phaze, any good tune’s on the mix CDs and Playtime Is Over. So hopefully I can get tour money in the end.

So no more MCing for real?
Nah, I’m tired. Can you imagine all the travel, the radio, the shows, studio… it’s never stopped since I was 15. The grime scene doesn’t even deserve me. The way I love it so much, they don’t deserve it. Right now though, I need to go. I’ll still produce, if someone wants beats, but that’s it. In two years time, I need to have done something else. When I hit 30 I want to be happy or happier than I am now. I need to get out the game. I’m ready to go. I want to do other stuff. I need to do stuff where I’m not depended on. I don’t want no one to want nothing from me, so I can’t let no one down. So that’s it; Wiley announces his retirement.
Read this in full and find out what Wiley has to say about all the beefs, his daughter, the violence and the legacy he leaves behind in the next issue of RWD.


Friday, January 19, 2007

Bass Clef live instore performance at Bristol record shop Rooted Records as part of his tour promoting the 'A Smile Is A Curve That Straightens Most Things' album on Blank Tapes Records.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

so remember...

26/01/2007 22u00

Some little changes in the timetable :

22:00 > 00:00 BunZer0 – crew: FWF (BEL)

00:00 > 01:00 Mark One - crew: Planet Mu, Contagious (GBR)

01:00 > 03:00 DMZ Crew featuring Loefah vs Mc Sergent Pokes (GBR)

Sergent Pokes :
Loefah :

03:00 > 04:00 Dj Mate – crew: Warriorz (BEL)


27/01/07 @ Beurskafee, 22:00 (free entrance)
"Dubstep and Grime Night Afterparty From Dub to Step" by dj Phex - crew: Recycled

€ vvk: 5 / kassa: 7

Thursday, January 11, 2007

sorry for all that posting without any structure.
gonna find a way to figure things out...
till then you'll have to experience the blog a bit unstructured

01/03 i will be doing a b2b session with bun-zero @ le tavernier

thx for the invitation and big up the FWF gang

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

mary anne hobbs

This show is crazy. Check out this latest session with Skream and Benga b2b...


Oris Jay – ‘Said The Kane’ (dubplate)
Tinchy Stryder – ‘Not Like Me’ (Takeover Entertainment)
Anders Ilar – ‘Pink Red Orange Black’ from ‘Wax Sessions III’ album (Sonar)
Jean Paul Bondy ft Blood Of Abraham – ‘Something Is Not Right’ Robag Wruhmes Fukkeldibobb remake (Compost)
Arsenic – ‘Heroin’ (Dubplate)

The Dubplate
Surgeon – ‘Who’s Bad Hands Are These’ DisinVectant Dislocated Finger Refix (dubplate)

Chevron – ‘Soul Cellar’ (Planet Mu)
Digital Mystikz – ‘Bury Da Bwoy’ (DMZ)

Benga and Skream: Interview and Mix
Skream - 'Nemesis' (Dub)
Skream - 'Losin Control' (Dub)
Mark Ashken - 'Roots Dyed Dark' (Skream Mix) (White)
Benga - 'Crunked Up' (Tempa)
Benga Vs Coki - 'WW7' (Dub)
Skream - 'Chestboxing' (Tempa)
Benga - 'Skunktip' (Skream mix) (Tempa)
Benga - 'The Germ' (White)
Benga - 'Electric' (White)
Skream - 'Lemon' (White)
Mala - 'Lean Forward' (DMZ)
Benga - 'Musik Box' (White)
Loefah - 'Natural Charge' (White)
Skream - 'Make Me' (Tempa)
Skream - 'Assumptions Rmx' (Bingo)
Benga - 'Flamez' (Big Apple)
Magnetikman - 'Everything Cool' (Dub)
Hijak - 'Babylon Timewarp' (Deepmedi)
Coki - 'Seek Knowledge' (Dub)
Skream - 'Acid' (Dub)
Hijak - 'Tears' (Dub)

Plastician – ‘Badbwoy’ from ‘Beg To Differ’ album (Terrorhythm)
Tech N9ne – ‘Welcome To The Midwest’ from ‘Everready’ album (Strange Music)
Ill Skillz and Concorde Dawn – ‘Watch Me Now’ Dom and Roland remix (Ill Skillz)

The Download
Mothboy ft MC Dermo – ‘Dons Players Pimps’ (Acroplane)

Teleseen – ‘Burdens’ from ‘War’ album (Percetps)
Barry Lynn – ‘Glyphic’ (dubplate)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

David E. Sugar vs Ears First OK

Saturday, January 06, 2007

really like this guy

kind of like this tune, a bit catchy but its ok

800 hiphop classics in 48 minutes

800 hip hop songs from 1979 to 2006 mixed by DJ Jaguar Skills and hosted by Lord Basis Supreme.

nice mixtape

Thursday, January 04, 2007

results of the dubstepforum awards

Best Producer

1. Mala
2. Skream
3. Coki

Best Tune

1. Mala- "Anti War Dub"
2. Coki - "Tortured"
3. Fat Freddy's Drop - "Cays Crays" (Digital Mystikz Remix)

Best Newcomer

1. Kromestar
2. HiJak
3. Caspa

Best Label

1. DMZ
2. Tempa
3. Planet Mu

Best Radio Show

1. N-Type on Rinse
2. Skream on Rinse
3. Mary Anne Hobbs on Radio1

Best DJ

1. N-Type
2. Youngsta
3. Plastician

Best Release

1. Digital Mystikz - "Haunted / Anti War Dub" (DMZ)
2. Benga - "The Invasion EP" (Big Apple)
3. Loefah - "Mud / Ruffige" (DMZ)

Best MC

1. Sgt Pokes
2. Spaceape
3. Crazy D

Best Album

1. Burial - Burial
2. Skream - Skream!
3. Kode9 - Memories of the Future

Best International Newcomer

1. Matty G
2. Tes la Rok
3. Parson

Souljah of the Year

1. Deapoh
2. Mary Ann Hobbs
3. Dubway

Best International DJ

1. Joe Nice
2. Bun Zer0
3. Selector Dub U

Best Record Shop

1-2. Boomkat
1-2. Rooted
3. Redeye

Best Website


Best Artwork

1. Skull Disco
2. Memories of the Future
3-4. Deep Medi Musik
3-4. Warrior Dubz

Best Radio Station

1. Rinse
2. Sub Fm
3. BBC Radio 1

Best International Producer

1. L-Wiz
2. Matty G
3. Juju

Best Mix

1. Kode9 - Burial Breezeblock Mix
2. Skream b2b Mala b2b Chef- Rinse
3. Skream b2b Loefah & Pokes

Best Compilation

1. Dubstep Allstars 4
2. Tectonic Plates
3. Warrior Dubz

Best Event

1. DMZ
2. FWD
3. Subdub / DMZ Leeds

Best Blog

1. Blackdown
2. Gutterbreakz
3. Lower End Spasm

Best International Radio Show

1. Bun-Zer0 on Sub FM
2. Joe Nice on Gourmet Beats
3. Grommit and Innerlign on Sub FM