Saturday, May 29, 2010

Photographs by Phyllis Galembo

I found these pictures on Although they have nothing to do with music i had the urge to post them. Lovely clothes that i would love to wear but probably never wont.

“Large-scale color photographs from 2005 to 2006 reflect the ritual adornment and spirituality of masquerade in Nigeria, Benin and Burkina Faso in West Africa. These portraits of masqueraders build on Galembo's work of the past twenty years photographing the rituals and religious culture in Nigeria, Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica and Haiti, as well as the homegrown custom of Halloween in the United States. Organized by Ian Berry, Malloy Curator of the Tang Museum, in collaboration with the artist.”
– Tang Museum

Grover Washington Jr. & Bill Withers - Just The Two Of Us

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A New Dubstep & Grime mix arrived yesterday!

From deep Dubstep to more easy listening Dubstep to more Grime bits. Sorry for all the dubs i didnt include but Vinyl is just more fun to play.. But dont worry they will get played!
Enjoy the mix!


01. Alex B: You And I Both Know (Free Download).
02. Mosca: Square One (Night Slugs).
03. Scuba: You Got Me (Hotflush).
04. Joe: Claptrap (Hessle Audio Forthcoming)
05. A Made Up Sound: Sun Touch (A Made Up Sound).
06. Four Tet: Love Cry - Joy Orbison Remix (Unkown).
07. Unkown: Unkown (Night Slugs).
08. Desto: Disappearing Reappearing Ink (Ramp).
09. James Blake: The Bells Sketch (Hessle Audio).
10. Eksmo Ft. Swan: Lands And Bones (Warp).
11. James Blake: Give A Man A Rod (Hessle Audio).
12. Mark Pritchard: Heavy As Stone (Deep Medi).
13. Kyle Hall: You Know What I Feel (Hyperdub).
14. Funckarma: Delibel (Eat Concrete).
15. Instra:Mental: Vicodin (Nakedlunch)
16. Skream: Angry World (Keysoundrecordings).
17. Albert: Meant To Be (Unreleased).
18. Mala: Level 9 (Hyperdub).
19. Skepta: Bad Boy - Teeza of Beat Creatures Remix (Free Download).
20. Unknown: Keep Walking (War).
21. Bone Thugs'n'Harmony: Thuggish-Ruggish-Bone (Ruthless Recs).
22. Skream: Memories of 3rd Base (Digital Soundboy).
23. Breakage Ft. Newham Generals: Hard (Digital Soundboy).
24. Quest: (White Label).
25. Submotion Orchestra: Finest Hour - Planas Remix (Free Download).
26. Scuba: Reverse (Hotflush Recs).
27. Addison Groove: Footcrap (Swamp81).
28. Dj Deeon: Freak Like Me - Bremnar Remix (Free Download).
29. Rude Kid: Jack Daniels (No Hats No Hoods).
30. Dj Mex: Dubplate Mex (DPM).
31. Untold: Stop What You're Doing (Hemlock).
32. Crazy Titch: Sing Along (In The Hood Records).

Soundcloud link
Divshare link

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Phonetics live on Propaganda @ FmBrussel (16.04.10)

A live mix by myself on FMBrussel. Includes tunes of Monie Love, Moto City Drum Ensemble, Crazy Cousins, Top Billin, Hot City, Todd Edwards, Mj Cole, Gracious K, T2, Skepta, JME, Jammer, Breakage Ft. Newham Generals, Addison Groove...

Soundcloud link
Divshare link

Ike - Lost 4 Trax (Docs Edit)

The People's Choice - I Likes To Do It

Andrea Mendez - Bring Me Love (vocal original mix)

One of the house tunes i grew up with. My mom used to listen to this Who's Who's land compilation that had this song on it. I still cant stop listening to it..

KRS-One - The Gospel of Hip Hop (First Overstanding)

The Gospel of Hip Hop: The First Instrument, the first book from the I Am Hip Hop imprint set for launch in Spring 2009, is the philosophical masterwork of KRS-One. Set in the format of the Christian Bible, this 600-plus-page opus is a life-guide manual for members of Hip Hop Kulture that combines classic philosophy with faith and practical knowledge for a fascinating, in-depth exploration of Hip Hop as a life path. Known as "The Teacha," KRS-One developed his unique outlook as a homeless teen in Brooklyn/South Bronx, New York, engaging his philosophy of self-creation to become one of the most respected emcees in Hip Hop history. Respected as Hip Hop's true steward, KRS-One painstakingly details the development of the culture and the ways in which we, as "Hiphoppas," can and should preserve its future.

Submotion Orchestra - Sunshine (Live @ Jazz Cafe)

Black The Ripper - Fire in the Booth (Freestyle)

Kal Sereousz - Da Da Da

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Not very new but just came across the (Hood) video. Big tune

Ben Ufo - XLR8R Podcast

Ive really been enjoying this mix. A perfect combination of Garage, House, Dubstep and Grime. Smoothly mixed by Ben Ufo, badman dj and co-founder of Hessle Audio!

The world of electronic music is filled with quirks, but one of the most confusing is the fact that so many DJs only get attention if they also produce tracks. If someone has banged out a quality tune or two—and in some cases, the "quality" requirement is optional—they can quickly find themselves DJing around the globe, regardless of whether or not they are actually any good behind the decks. On the flip side, there are amazing DJs whose talents go unnoticed simply because they've never slapped their name on a song or remix. For a genre where clubs and parties take center stage, it seems like the system has been flipped on its head. Nevertheless, a select few still manage to break through based solely on their DJ skills. That group includes young Ben UFO (a.k.a. Ben Thomson), co-founder of the London-based Hessle Audio label. His top-notch DJ sets, usually combining the freshest funky, garage, and 2-step sounds with a choice selection of classic dubstep, house, and techno, have been blowing minds for a while now, so we are ecstatic to have him curate this edition of the XLR8R podcast.

01 Mad Mike feat. Davina "Don't You Want It" (Happy)
02 Cassy "Endless Endeavour" (Cassy)
03 Afefe Iku "Body Drummin" (Yoruba)
04 Untold "Anaconda (Guarachero Refix)"
05 A Made Up Sound "Alarm" (A Made Up Sound)
06 Funkystepz feat. Lily McKenzie "For U"
07 West Norwood Cassette Library "Blonde on Blonde"
08 Logic "Blues For You (Hard Dub)" (Strictly Rhythm)
09 Unknown "Blue"
10 Kathy Brown "I Appreciate (52 Leagues of Swing Mix)" (Cutting)
11 Mosca "Square One (VIP)"
12 Martin Kemp "Fix" (Blunted Robots)
13 Aaron Carl "Wallshaker" (Millions of Moments)
14 Commix "How You Gonna Feel (Pangaea Remix)"
15 Indo "R U Sleeping? (Bump and Flex vocal Mix)" (Satellite)
16 Blackstreet "Need a Fix (Jeremy Sylvester Remix)" (white)
17 Unknown "Untitled"
18 Biter "Hype Trak"
19 Wizzbit "Jamnite" (Slimzos)
20 Peverelist and Hyetal "RRR"
21 Dom Perignon and Dynamite "Together" (Mos Wanted)
22 Blackout "SOS"
23 Ramadanman "Bass Drumz"
24 Digital Mystikz "Ugly" (Big Apple)
25 Chris Mack "Gal A Call Me Phone (Militant Vocal Mix)" (Ultimate Beats)
26 Blawan "Iddy" (Hessle Audio)
27 Outkast "Ms. Jackson (Harmonimix)"
28 Mondie "Shower" (white)
29 J Sweet "Gutter (Alias Remix)" (Sweet Beatz)
30 Shystie feat. Crazy Titch and J2K "Make It Easy (Davinche Remix)" (Network)
31 Joe "Level Crossing" (Hessle Audio)
32 James Blake "Libra"

Get the mix here

Lady Chann - Sticky Situation

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The Grind

Totally forgot about this one, LOVELY!
Watched the show a lot when i was young..