Thursday, December 06, 2007

dubstep in 2007 by Martin Clark:

"Anthem bashing was endemic, with sections of the scene competing in harder-than-thou production contests with mid range noisy post-metal wobble, deemed necessary in large clubbing venues. The upshot of this was an abandonment of many of the aspects that gave the genre such promise, namely the ability to take rhythmic and energy-level risks and for audiences to remain appreciative. The balance and diversity in sets began to suffer under the "smash it" mentality, with deeper, riskier and emotional tracks often sidelined. Abandoning this risks reducing dubstep to just another faceless, functional dance genre, a fate it was opposed to from its inception. A few more years in this direction and dubstep will have led itself, eyes open, down the same cul de sac drum & bass did, rendering itself formulaic and irrelevant."

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