Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This thursday on Radio Campus & Subfm

Radio Campus:

Tune in at 107.2 fm if you're in Brussels... otherwise tune in on the site.
Expect an interview with 54 and Dutty Dubz.


14 Feb 08 - FOB Show featuring BunZee - Dutty Dubz Crew - Phonetics @ SUB FM

This next thursday the 14th of feb 08, FOB Show gonna be full of guests !
I'll have the whole Dutty Dubs crew in the FOB room and Dj Phonetics from 54 Crew aswell !
Those guys gonna play in Brussels this next weekend so the FOB Show will be a sort of warming up for u my FOBbers !!!!


Will be on www.subfm.com
6 GMT / 7 for Belgium


128k - http://www.subfm.com/listen128k.m3u
64k - http://www.subfm.com/listen64k.m3u
24k - http://www.subfm.com/listen24k.m3u

For other listening options :- http://www.subfm.com/listen.html

Chatroom - http://www.subfm.com/chat.htm
IRC - irc://irc.ircstorm.net:6667/subfm


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