Sunday, June 03, 2007

------Martyn Clark from the blackdownsoundboy blog writes very intresting articles on Certainly check them once in a while because this guy has a clever and fresh view on the dubstep scene. I agree mostly all the time with what he is saying.

"Is dubstep becoming too hard and masculine? In an era when the genre is becoming dominated by over-dark, wobble tunes designed to move the feet but not the heart, where has dubstep's balance gone? "

Pitchfork column by Martyn Clark

------Kode 9 recently who said that he was afraid that the big drop is gonna kill dubstep like it "killed" Drumandbass. And i can agree with the guy...

The biggest drop topic on dubstepforum

------Also Kode 9

"What's typical in a lot of d'n'b that I hear now, for example," elucidates Kode9, "is this style of DJing that I'm not a big fan of, where it goes from drop to drop, so the biggest part of the track is always when it comes in. That kind of DJing I find pretty boring and that kind of DJing would be better done by a machine. I prefer to hear tracks in the mix together for extended periods of time, and I like to hear the tension between two tracks. I don't go for the seamless house mixing style, or the big drop style. I'd rather hear two tracks in time but completely out of tune with each other. That's the kind of stuff I like to hear, and try to do myself, because it creates something new in the mix. The reason I like DJing is because I get a buzz from hearing two things that shouldn't be together for as long as possible."

Interview with Shackleton and Kode 9

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